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Bridger Veterinary SpecialistsBridger Veterinary Specialists

Phone: (406) 587‑3996
Address: 1103 Reeves Rd. West, Bozeman, MT 59718

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A team of top specialists and passionate animal lovers united by one mission: to care for you and your pet like family.

Latest News From Bridger Veterinary Specialists

BVS COVID-19 update:

BVS has implemented a number of new policies to protect our staff, clients and patients. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the hospital at numerous stations and our staff are cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces every 4 hrs or after each use/touch. Whenever possible, patients are being dropped off at our door and all exam findings, therapeutic/diagnostic plans and results will be discussed over the phone. We are discouraging visits of hospitalized patients for both staff and client safety, but will make exceptions in certain critical cases. We will provide PPE(personal protective equipment)to our clients in those situations. Our staff will also wear PPE whenever interacting with our clients. When picking a patient up, we are asking clients to call from their car, and we will bring your pet out to you at the door. For anyone in the hospital, we are observing social distancing rules and using face masks as supply allows.

If your pet has an appointment to see us, but you are concerned you have been exposed to COVID-19, have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or aren’t feeling well, please let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate you and your pet.  In certain cases, we can do a consultation over the phone, delay a re-check appointment or reschedule for a later date if your pet’s problem is something that can wait.  If your pet’s problem is urgent, we will do whatever we can to avoid and mitigate potential exposure(do you have a family member or friend who can bring your pet in?) while ensuring your pet receives necessary, timely and appropriate treatment. 

What to Expect:

For our clients:

  • Prior to your pet’s appointment, a staff member will call to obtain a detailed medical history. 
  • At your scheduled appointment time, please bring your pet to our front door and ring the black doorbell to the right of the door. A staff member will come out to retrieve your pet.  For all dogs, we will use our own slip leads and leave your collar and lead with you.
  • Our doctors will perform a physical exam, then call you with their exam findings and recommendations for a therapeutic/diagnostic plan.  Please make sure you have your phone easily accessible!
  • A staff member will call with an estimate for treatment/diagnostic options. Once a plan is approved, they will give you an approximate pickup time.  Until all treatments/diagnostics are complete,
  • Diagnostics and treatments are performed throughout the day.  We will call with results(if available)once they are complete and give a more defined pickup time. 
  • When you have arrived to pick up, please call and a staff member will bring your pet out to you. Whenever possible these transfers will occur at our front door, but in certain cases we may need to assist getting your pet in your car. In those cases, staff members will wear PPE(masks and gowns) as a precaution.

For our referring veterinarians:

We are still accepting referrals. As always, we are more than happy to consult and discuss cases with you over the phone prior to referral. If you are unsure whether a case should be referred, please call and discuss with one of our specialists.  We are happy to evaluate radiographs, bloodwork and treatment plans with you over the phone.